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The following is the text of an email from Mackenzie Poole, with the City of Fishers, and updates residents on the 5G tower situation:

Dear HOA leaders,

Last August, we notified you that Verizon Wireless had paused its permitting process for 5G deployment in Fishers. Recently, Verizon informed the City of Fishers that they plan to re-launch the permitting for 5G structures as soon as early June. As of May 26, no permits have been submitted.

The City of Fishers is required by State and Federal law to allow access to public rights of way for installation of 5G with limited ability to regulate the application or placement. To provide as much public control of the locations of these structures, the City of Fishers launched a special waiver process for this project that allows you as an HOA or property management company to share feedback on the location placement of the structure. Because Verizon halted the waiver for the proposed location(s) in this neighborhood prior to its approval, the process will reset even if you began the process last year. You are receiving this email because Verizon Wireless plans to submit waiver permits for your neighborhood. You can find the proposed pole locations in your neighborhood by clicking here.

You will be notified once again when Verizon submits the permit for your neighborhood. When the permit is submitted, property owners in your neighborhood will be directed to share their questions and concerns directly with your HOA or property management leadership.


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